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Thread: I Downloaded Nfshp2 But...

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    how do i burn it then? does it compress with nero or sumthin? i have only 650 MB disks now so can i put it on there somehow?

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    i suppose it's a game ? you can download a

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    (sorry i pushed some buton) ... a filesplitter (freeware)

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    Just buy some 700mb disks.They cost pennies and are very common.

    Edit:Just noticed,this is my 500th post.Yippee!!

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    congrats on ur 500 post but wat in the heck is a file splitter? can u give me a name of a good one? and wat does it do?

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    I Downloaded Nfshp2 But..., the bin file is bigger than any cd-r(w)

    Its a bin file

    in nero

    FILE > BURN IMAGE > choose image > burn

    thats it


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