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Thread: SUBTITLES, The Best place where to get them ?

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    Hi, i would like to know where are the best places on the net where to get any types of subtitles in different languages.

    For example im looking for this subtitles and i didn't find it yet
    " Ma 6 T Va Crack er " French movie, Subtitle needed : English.

    So just post here the url's sites where you can find Subz...

    This is my list of url's : >>> French subtitles for US & UK Series. >>> Multi Languages subz for different Movies, series. >>> Multi Languages as well. >>> Multi Languages. >>> Only French subz for english movies/series.

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    check out the subtitle thread started by DKre8ive1. It has a good list of subtitle sites.

  4. Movies & TV   -   #3 (Estonian, English and Finland subs) (Estonian subs) (French Subs) (Asian Subs) (Swedish subs) (Portuguese) (French) (Estonian subs) (Estonian subs) (Romanian subs) (Portuguese subs) (Polish Subs) (Yugoslavian Subs) (Serbian, Slovenian, Croat, Macedonian) (Serbian subs) (Dutch subs) (Swedish subs) (Greek subs)

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    I would bet that 95% of all the subtitles available on the sites Forca posted are from either or

    Thanks for the list anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by sexydingo View Post
    Thanks! Found a lot of my tv-series there

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    i have used a lot especially for movies

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