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Thread: Best Uptime

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    Sep 2007
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    So what is your Desktop(s) or server(s) best uptime?

    My Desktops best uptime is: 3 weeks and 4 days.
    My Windows servers best uptime is: Well over 120 days.
    My Linux Servers best uptime is: 280 Days and counting.

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    Had 498 days on one of the Unix boxes at work, twice in succession.

    It could have kept going for the full 1000+ days, but some piece of software actually used the uptime (in 1/100ths of a second) and hadn't allowed enough bits to cope with a number that big. It screwed up on day 498 so we had to reboot it.

    The first time, no-one knew what the problem was. The second time someone remembered exactly the same fault from 16 months earlier (from the boot logs) and some bright spark (me ) worked out what was happening.
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    About 3 months on my linux server (SMB server and usenet downloader/extractor)

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    Aug 2003
    50+ days on my desktop.

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    just over 2 weeks on my win desktop went on vacation and forgot to turn it off.

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    A few years back I ran a FreeBSD box that had an uptime over 6 months, which I was proud of. These days my desktops don't usually go for more than a week or two. Even my Ubuntu laptop gets a reboot pretty regularly.

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    Over the past few years I don't think I've run the same hardware configuration for longer than a month (I tinker a lot...), so my uptime is usually measured in hours.
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