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Thread: Rotf..........!

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    lol... someone else posted this on another forum and i found it great. It teaches u a lesson all the while entertaining one in the process.....

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    Dec 2002
    stupidest shit of 92 seen this

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    ok I'll only copy CDs

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    Jun 2003
    I dont think i could even put one level of any of my games on a floppy disc anyway....that game must suck if it fits on a floppy cuz they arent even 2 MB....i'll stick to copying CD's also.

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    Awe fuck you CD copy nintendo game mod chipping kiddy basdtard! BUY YOUR TOYS! NOT COPYING!

    Get off the black market you black person hating piece o crap!

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    lol... great... I can say that i have never copied a floppy before!! ...As previously mentioned, I only copy CD's (genous move&#33


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