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Thread: Please Help Me By Reading This... Thanks

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    hi there,

    i know this topic has been raised many times but im still confused....

    i need fifa 2003 but i cant download cd1 and cd2 cause the file sizes are too big. everyone says there is a rip version without the movies sounds etc.... BUT WHERE IS IT MAN?????? I CANT FIND THE RIPS IN KAZAA....

    ive been stuck for a month .

    does anyone please know how i can get fifa 2003 ripped.

    and also... what are those si2dat and kdat programs and how can i use them to help me...


    PS... ive seen links in topics for games and they have something like UUHASh.asdasi0w23423 etc... what are those please and how do i use those UU hashes....

    thanks a lot....

    in the end... i just want fifa 2003 ripped.... thanks....

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