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Thread: Trade Here!!!!!!!!

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    i have
    ncore account 20GB buffer
    Revtt account 25GB buffer
    TTI accont
    IT invite
    rmvbusters invite
    kraytrackers account wit invites
    an mma invite or account wit invites

    i also have SCT if u want this i want FTN or FTWR or or e**** or FSC pm me your offers nothing stupid 4 SCt if it is i will not respond 2 ur messages i dont want anything below a level 7 cause i already have most everything or not interested.... an i dont want swedvd or TT

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    IT invites are closed

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    Even with SCT you're asking too much for FTN invite which trading FTN here isn't ALLOWED!

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    "Invite whomever you wish, but keep in mind that Invite Trading/Selling is not allowed, if/when you are found trading/selling invites, you will be banned. This is for the good of the community."

    This is an announcement been made at RevTT a long time when invites were given to all users!

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    be satisfied with what you have and stop chasing trackers if you have sct use it it's supposed to be the best tracker out there ( I wouldn't know as im not on it) so just use what u have and stop being greedy

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    I agree. Why give those up? I have nothing close so be grateful...Follow the sites rules- u know the page u pressed i agree bound u to them!


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