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Thread: Which Programs That I Have Listed Are Worth It

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    I dont do alot just download mp3's and videos I also want to be able to edit my
    racing videos and not sure whats a good program? I also would like to speed up my computer if its possible and maybe a the new photoshop if its here?

    heres some of the list I found in the verifieds in a can, I dont know what most of these are and how I would benifit from them, can someone explain a little. Not on all of them cause I dont want to waste to much peoples time. Thanks

    File:Acrobat Reader 5.1.exe

    File:Ad-aware 6.0.exe

    File:Baldur's Gate God

    File:Cheat 'O

    File:CSE Html Validator.exe

    FileBpowerAMP Music Converter.exe

    FileFX 6.1 for Windows Media Player + Keygen.exe

    FileirectX 9.0.exe

    Fileiskeeper v.7 Full.exe

    File:Easy Cleaner 1.7f.exe

    File:Go Back 3 Deluxe.exe

    File:GoBack Update.exe

    File:Internet Explorer 6 SP1.exe

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    u're probably best off doing a search on google to find out info on each

    Adobe reader is a *.pdf viewer
    adaware checks ur comp for adware & spyware
    directx 9, read up about it on microsoft website
    ditto for internet explorer service pack 1

    The ones u probably want to look into are directx9, IE6 sp1, boostxp and virtuadub which u can get easily off the internet

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    Talk about lazy. And I know lazy. Jeez!

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    Thanks ilw

    can someone explain a little. Not on all of them cause I dont want to waste to much peoples time
    Did you not read that? I was just trying to find out some quick info. All I am really looking for is for a few people to say whic ones they like and are worth it. I dont want to know all the fuctions they do.

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    Don't take my comments seriously. Didn't you see the self effacing humor in my 1st post? Peace.

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    For video editing, try to find Adobe Premeire. Adobe's products are of high quality and Adobe Premeire is one of the best video editing programs.

    File:Acrobat Reader 5.1.exe -- You want the latest version of this. It's so you can view pdf files and have the features that the free one doesn't have.

    File:Ad-aware 6.0.exe -- Must have. It helps remove spyware and adware crap from your computer.

    File:Baldur's Gate God -- If you like to cheat and play Baldur's Gate, sure. -- Probably some tweak program. Most of the tweaks dont give enough noticable performance boost to warrant using them though.

    File:Cheat 'O -- Dunno what this is.

    File:CSE Html Validator.exe -- Dunno what this is.

    FileBpowerAMP Music Converter.exe -- Dunno what this is.

    FileFX 6.1 for Windows Media Player + Keygen.exe -- Dunno what this is.

    * FileirectX 9.0.exe -- Must have. This is the latest version of DirectX and is required for newer games.

    Fileiskeeper v.7 Full.exe -- Good app. It helps keep your harddrives defragged and stuff. I prefer Norton Systemworks though.

    File:Easy Cleaner 1.7f.exe -- Dunno what this is.

    File:Go Back 3 Deluxe.exe -- Don't bother unless you screw up your computer a lot and are constantly reformatting.

    File:GoBack Update.exe -- Again, don't bother unless you screw up your computer a lot and are constantly reformatting. -- Dunno what this is.

    * File:Internet Explorer 6 SP1.exe -- Must have. It updates Internet Explorer and fixes some security flaws and that

    * If you use Windows Update often, you will already have these and will have no reason to download.

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    static hum
    the good stuff in that list is free.

    Ad-aware is a spyware removal tool. Download the free version here. Along with that I would highly recommend
    downloading Spybot Search & Destroy, another spyware utility. Get it here

    Adobe Acrobat is, like ilw said, is for reading Adobe .pdf documents. It's really a must-have now...
    If you don't need to write .pdf documents, only read them, go for the free Reader version.
    I'd go for version 5.0.5, as 6 is still a bit buggy. It's here

    IE6sp1 is the latest version of Internet Explorer, as released by Microsoft. You can get it for free
    by visiting the Windows Update site, located here. Be sure to get all the
    Critical Updates while you're there. And you can also get Direct X 9 while you're there.
    It's basically just a graphics rendering runtime. Or you can get it seperately here

    Also, as ilw said, you might want to look at VirtualDub and TMPGenc.
    TMPGenc is a video conversion tool, and VirtualDub can do lots of other stuff for video files.
    Get them here and here

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Originally posted by 5.7@15 July 2003 - 20:38
    File:Acrobat Reader 5.1.exe = PDF reader
    File:Ad-aware 6.0.exe = spyware/adware remover
    File:Baldur's Gate God = cheat for the game Baldur's Gate = tweak Windows XP
    File:Cheat 'O = gamecheat for almost every game where you need money
    FileBpowerAMP Music Converter.exe = great converter-riptool (MP3 etc.)
    Fileiskeeper v.7 Full.exe = defragmenter
    File:Easy Cleaner 1.7f.exe = drivecleaner
    File:Go Back 3 Deluxe.exe = creating a system restore point
    File:GoBack Update.exe = no-cd for Harry Poter Chamber of secrets (game)
    File:Internet Explorer 6 SP1.exe = Supposed to close security holes in IE6
    Look up.
    -- They tell me tomorrow will never arrive, but I've seen it end a million times. --

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    You guys have been very helpful!

    I sure am glad I found this site!


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