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Thread: What's Up With The Steely Dan Files?

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    Can you explain this? All the files from the newest Steely Dan release, no matter what the source, no matter which file is chosen, the content is all exactly the same (that is, 1:30 of music and then a fade to nothing.) Can someone interfere with the transmission of these files to prevent sharing by corrupting them? I'm not the ONLY one to experience this problem with these specific files.

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    Get soulseek and join the KLF Musicworld room.

    Read Guitar Slinger's pinned post.

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    Originally posted by N£MO@17 July 2003 - 02:25
    Get soulseek and join the KLF Musicworld room.

    Read Guitar Slinger's pinned post.
    Have you followed N£MO's advice yet?

    If you are serious about wanting quality music, stay away from KaZaA, and get over to SoulSeek, where you will find what you are looking for without any problems.

    Guitar-Slinger's Pinned Topic

    Get over there!


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    I had the same problem i know whay you mean!

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    Yep ahte to say it kazaa lite is dead its been badly corruped I am no longer sharing any music on there Too many dumbasses who don't know how to renamre files spileds it for everyone anyway as nemo said get soulseek no fakes there at all. and great for ne stuff


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