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Thread: Backdoor/subseven Trojan Virus

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    razorsharp013's Avatar Fountain of Wit
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    May 2003
    Over the past couple of months, I've had about 50 attacks, (all blocked?) from IPs all over the world with this Trojan Horse...or at least that is what my Norton Firewall tells me. I've traced a good number of them with Symantec Visual Tracking, and they've all come back as different ISPs from around the world. Anywhere from Canada to Japan to Chicago. They happen in bunches, I'll go weeks in between attacks. But when they do happen, it's like 10 in 1 night. So my question is, what's up with that? Is my firewall just going haywire, or is there a real problem I need to be concerned with?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is driving me crazy!

    edit: 10 minutes after posting this, I recieved another warning from my firewall. This time the IP was and was traced back to America Online! WTF???

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    Mar 2003
    Script kiddies or worms are probing the entire net, not you in partitcular.
    when they get in or get an answer, then it's a problem.

    AOL and are the very worst. I usually enter the entire IP range for them into my block list.

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    razorsharp013's Avatar Fountain of Wit
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    May 2003
    Oh good. So it's not just me then! I was begining to get really paranoid!! ...Especially with the whole RIAA bullsh*t going on.

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    i get them too and if i get hold of the immature little bastards ill tear off their heads and shit down their necks



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    I fixed it on my computer by uninstalling Norton Personal Firewall! I don't keep any important stuff on my computer anyway, so what happens to it is not that important...

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Jan 2003
    these are not always scans from script kiddies. plenty of times it is just plain old network traffic that your firewall just mis interperates.

    still better it being blocked then let through right.


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