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Thread: Invite

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    Hey everyone,

    I really need a invite. I am a great seeder and have invites for Tvtorrents and stmusic. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  3. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #2
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    "The site is full, so registrations and invitations have been stopped."
    I have 10 invites when they open back up, so I'll invite you when that happens.

  4. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #3
    They were open earlier in the day and seem to have just closed again.

  5. BitTorrent Invite Giveaways & Trades   -   #4
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    They openned for 2000 new users, too late. I'd give you one if they were open.


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