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Thread: QuebecTorrent Lawsuit: Backdoor to Banning All Canadian BitTorrent Sites?

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    "Last month we reported that a relatively unknown torrent site had been ordered to shutdown at the hands of the Canadian recording industry. Now, there are fears that a legal precedent may be being sought by shutting this site, one which could affect all Canadian BitTorrent sites."

    "On October 18th 2007 we wrote about the situation faced by a couple of Canadian BitTorrent trackers being threatened by the recording industry there. One of them, the 46,000 member QuebecTorrent was being targeted by a coalition of four recording labels.

    Since then the situation has grown much more serious and it is feared that this case could have implications for all Canadian hosted torrent sites. There are quite a few big sites hosted in Canada (IsoHunt and TorrentBox to name just two) and with LeaseWeb kicking out torrent sites en masse, itís thought that there is the potential for a lot more to be hosted there in the future. Demonoid has already been effectively kicked out of Canada - so what now?"

    More? Visit the link below.

    Source: TorrentFreak
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    Ah I call Bullshit , like my ISP is going to want to offer a reduced rate on uploading or d/l speeds as I can't get music or movies ? Ya right like that will happen , I can go back to reading newspapers , listening to the radio and visiting Blockbuster . Might as well go back to dial up .

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    I guess it's time to move somewhere else. Mexico anyone?
    Remember bullets always have the right of way.

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    Yep, it dosent look good...

    *Make 'giveaway', not 'trade'.*

    Thx SgtMajor & Theory11


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