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Thread: Long Question, Ccd's, Img's, Ppf's?!?!? A Whaa?

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    ok this is a long question, but any help would be appreciated a greeeeeat deal

    Ok well ive been looking for this game forrrrever and i finally find it but i notice that the folder contains extensions i've never seen.

    In the cd1 file, there is the standard nfo files, then a TROP2A.CCD, TROP2A.IMG, FLT-TROP.PPF, and finally a TROP2A.SUB...
    ok im comleeeetly lost...
    all i have ever dealt with are bins and cues, this is all new to me... so if anyone is willing, could somone give me detailed instructions (p.s. step by step would help quite a bit) on what to do here. Also on a side note, do you think a keygen will be necissary?

    Thank you SOOOOOO much for the help guys (well thanks in advance&#33

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    uhh... off topic, but i just realized im pretty high up in the ranking of signing up first.

    ive been looking around and there have been several 43000-50000,
    the big 6000 somethingth member doesnt feel as bad as it used to.,

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    The img, ccd, and sub are for clone cd, see the link in my sig for how to use it. just scroll downthe image files section to the part about clone cd.

    Edit: i do not know what the ppf is.


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