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Thread: Somone Anyone!

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    Ok I am looking for the FULL game of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Raven Shield. Can someone please Point me to it?

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    Also, I know its on EMULE but its too SLOW, I also have High Speed Internet too but I mean if worse comes to worse I will get it off of there but if you know where i can use a different program please share with me.........

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    eMule is slow if your running 98 or 2000...on XP you get good download rates if you wait in Que for a while.

    If you leave your PC running 24hrs you can get Raven Shield from eMule in 3 days

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    Also most people dont know the tricks on eMule to get fast download rates.

    1) make sure you have a good .met address is the best one i have found.

    2) make sure you check to reconnect on loss in your preferences.

    3) Always right click on your downloads and set the Priority to High.

    4) And most important , click your Shared Files tab and find your file you want the most (it wont appear untill you have a few MB downloaded) then right click and put it on RELEASE....that will allow you to upload that file more than any others you are sharing....the reason for this is because the more you upload a particular file the higher you are placed in Que for that file and the more people you will connect to (thats eMules reward system).... alot of people think eMule works like does rewards people that upload by placing them higher in Que and then you get faster downloads because you connect to more people.


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