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Thread: Waffles Please?

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    Is there any chance some kind soul could spare an invite to an old power user oink refugee. Have ratio proof at other good sites. Please help if you can.

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    Nothing is impossible. You just need to prove that you're more than just a leech with a seedbox.

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    Here are some ratio proof. I have many good things to offer this community, almost a tb of music that I'm ready to upload and share including a massive ammount from my personal collection which hasn't been shared for very long. Thanks so much hope someone can help.

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    invs closed for tiime being
    Need FTN,FSC

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    Here are 2 ratio proof

    Here is a music screen shot
    music burn is all flac
    music stored is 80% v2, v0 and 320
    I keep all my albums in seperate artist folders, most have full discographies or 5-10 albums, those are just a few genres of many.


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