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Thread: Can't Play Battlefield 1942!

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    I can play this game alright if it's not patched at all, but I can't play it in multiplayer mode (says "can't connect to the server" or something). So I install the V 1.31 patch (because I couldn't find the crack for V 1.4) but after I apply the fairlight NO CD crack to it, the game won't start at all. When I click on the exe file, it just doesn't load the game at all.
    What's wrong with this? Please, is there any way I can fix it (I really want to play online)??

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    C'mon guys! Someone should know!

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    it's an online game... if you want to play it that way you probably have to buy it. same thing is true w/ bf1942... go spend 40 bucks for both the game and the expansion. it's worth it.

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    who me?
    Where did you get the copy of bf? and did you check to see if has a no cd patch (if thats what you need) you wont connect to any servers on bf because everyone (almost) has the 1.4 patch installed, so youll get the "cant connect to server" message. also youll need a serial number, if you have someone elses serial you both can still play, but just not in the same online game

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    I downloaded BF off of Kazaa a couple of months ago. As I said, it works find single player un-patched but any coresponding CD crack of any specific patch (have tried 1.31 and 1.4) doesn't work. GCW's cracks don't work either.
    I just want to run this game AFTER I've successfully installed the latest patch. If it works, I can just play on a cracked server...right?


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