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Thread: Hiding A Partition From Other Users!

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    Well i just made a new partition using partition magic so that i can drag all my bulky folders to it. Helps speed up antivirus searches. But i just realized that every user on my computer including the guest account can access this new partition. Is there a way in windows XP home or in partition magic 8 to hide the new partition for every user except for me(administrator)?

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    i dont think its possible, but i think its possible to password the folder, or set it so it belongs to your user, then at least they wouldnt be able to access it.

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    Put everything in that other partition into a folder instead of just free on the partition. then in properties, choose hidden and read only. Go into advanced and remove all user, anon, guest, and other non system permissions and add administrator to the permission list with full control. No other account should be able to see or access that folder now. If it's just a few files you want to hide, change the extension to something strange. If it's an OS, change the name from
    " windows " to something else and no one will be able to access it or start it untill you rename it back to windows again.


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