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Thread: Help With Avi's

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    I have run into a few avi files (divx, xvid, etc.) that are just a little too big to fit onto an 700mb cdr. Any tips on how to resize them easily/quickly? Ideally I wouldn't mind cutting off the last few minutes or so (the credits). What program should I use for this?

    Please help!


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    I've actually just used WinRAR, simple and quick and takes off about 1%, which is usually enough.

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    try using TMPGENC, and cut the movie in to two. burn them on two discs

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    i've put movies in excess of 2 and 1/4 hours on one cd if that's what you're trying to do. go to get the templates to use with tmpgeng. This is template you want--KVCD-ULBR-352x240-_NTSCFilm_-PLUS.mcf
    Tehn. Burn with nero (uncheck "create standard compliant video") and burn--great results. Have just put entire Blues Brothers 2 hrs 20 odd minutes on one plain vanilla 80min cd.

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    a film of 714,000 KILOBYTES WILL fit onto a 700 megabyte CD, why? cos 1024 kilobytes make 1 megabyte and not 1000.
    but if you still need to, download easy video splitter off the official site and then download the crack from k-lite.

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    compressing it into a zip sounds crazy. when u wanna play it , you will have to spend hours extracting the movie to your HD. i use virtual dub to play with my avis (freeware).

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    use vdub to save a copy of the avi file without a part of the credits..its simple..
    use Easy Video Splitter to easily split the file in as many parts of whatever size you want to or you can let it automatically split it for you..
    use easycd6 to burn the file to a cd and itll tell you its too big to fit and it WILL split the file where needed and ask for a second cd to burn the remaining to..and the split parts will still play as stand alone files..of course this will waste a huge amount of space on the 2nd cd but if you have other files you want burnt at the same time load enuf files to use as much space as possible...
    id use vdub or Easy Video Splitter...

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    or u can get 870md cd-r wich can hold up to 99 min
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