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Thread: Ronaldinho

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    personally, i think this ugly rich brazilian is a spoilt brat who is all hype, AND I GARAUNTEE YOU BARCELONA WILL NOT WIN ANYTHING THIS SEASON!

    the fact Man Yoo wanted him just goes to show how desperate they are for new players. like Harry Kewell said, "they are a club in decline".

    anyway, back to Ronaldinho, do you rate him?

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    Proper Bo's Avatar spmado BT Rep: +2
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    He must have some skill to be able to get into his national side surely? Yes, I know we probably have clouded views due to THAT incident with seaman.

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    crazy_billy_bats's Avatar Poster
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    i just think hes possibly one of the ugliest people ive seen in my entire life.

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    He's definitely got skill, he's ball control is probably better than Ronaldo's - Barcalona were a pretty crap team last year anyway, so i'd probably agree they won't win anything
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    I rate his skill, i mean if u should have seen him for PSG last season , he was on fire..

    but his looks factor i'll give him 1/10

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    JONNO_CELEBS's Avatar Densly Loadan BT Rep: +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20
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    Is that the guy with the teeth??

    If so, he's a good player

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    I reckon he's quite a good player. His close control skills and off the ball movement are good but he is a bit petulant and this has led to a few sendings off recently. I'm not sure he's worth the money Barca paid for him but I'm glad he's going to the Nou Camp and not Old Trafford. I bet Fergusons fuming having missed out on both Ronaldinho and Kewell!!
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    Ronaldinho is a great player remember in the world cup against england that shit was great he moves like a GOD in the camp when the emergency is high

    wow i will rate him 8 of 10 because he is not always there he must warm up a lot but he is great !!

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    I'd go with a steady 34 out of 47.


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