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Thread: I'm Desperate! Oar And Guster Latest Album

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    Help me!!

    I've been searching now for both the latest Oar and guster albums:

    >Oar, in between now and then
    >Guster Keep it together

    The cds have been out now for over 2months, but I can only find a few REAL songs from the OAR album, and none from guster. All the guster albums have this guy meowing (yes, only fake mp3s).

    If anyone has the sig2dat or the hashes, or anything, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    Any help would be appreciated~!!!!

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    Has anyone got the latest guster album, Keep it together? Plz people, it's been 3 months and only the fake songs have survived. Someone has to have the mp3s somewhere....

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    I'm sharing all of these CDs in our SoulSeek music room. Maybe you should stop by and join us.
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    i'm such a dope, what is soulseek?


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