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Thread: Easy Way To Delete Avis!

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    Sometimes avis can be a real pain in the ass and just don't delete!
    Well since I discovered this method I always delete them like this, and it always works:
    1- Open windows media player
    2- Click on "File" and then "Open" and highlight the file u wanna delete
    3- Press the delete key on the keyboard
    OH YES!! the file is gone without problems or annoiyng messages saying that is being used by another program!!
    PS: Just make sure nobody is uploading from you while u do it!
    Capitao70s B)

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    Usually you get this problem because you press 'delete' too soon after you've selected the file in your folder, and the bar part on the left side of your folder with all the info of the file hasn't loaded yet, and that's what the pop-up means. I just select the file, wait a few seconds until everything is loaded on the left (I have XP so I wait for the preview too) and then delete. It always works. B)

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    another way is to load nero > my shared folder then delete it from there

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    load nero? :'( :'(

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    I can almost see the logic behind deleting with Nero.
    It uses some of the same services as windows media player and opening it forces the media player to release the file.
    (Which it would have done any way if you had just opened any new file in the media player.)

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    another way to solve the problem 4 good is to delete this registry entry:
    i promise after that you will be able to delete any movie the normal way. it does not affect the playback in any way so no worries. if you are still not convinced make a backup


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