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Thread: Bloodmoon!

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    someone should crack that game and post a copy. i wanna play that game soo bad, cuz i heard it was AWESOME! someone lemme download their cd!

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    Do you have the original Morrowind?

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    It's not a game, it's an expansion pack for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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    hey i just downloaded blood moon off of emule, no errors on the disc and it installs fine. but when i start the game it will go through the normal loading before the main menu and tehn a bunch of errors pop up, i say continue running executable, but then it crashes, ive tried it with and with out the mods i was using before i installed it.
    if it matters i do havea legitimate morrowind 1 CD and a illegitimate bloodmoon, and i also dont have tribunal.

    any help is apreciated


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