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Thread: Haggard!haggard!haggard!haggard!

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    SOmebody!!!!!!! Anybody Please Find A Good Copy Of Haggard I want To SEE it SO Bad It Has Been Out For At Least A Month Please Try to find a copy of i have to see this movie and i kno im not the only one so PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The People in haggard are bam margera /chris rabb/ ryan dunn /jenn rivell /and rake yohn

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    Funny ass movie - Sorry, i don't know if its being shared on kazaa - i got my copy off newgroups - definitely worth a download though.

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    i posted this in the verifieds ages ago
    Its on irc on, channel #Jackass

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    it's on KaZaA-Lite. I was going to download it but I just got the dvd from fairmans like a month ago. You should get the dvd though, it's got a lot of extras. Like 2 music videos(AATH by cky and Heartache Every Moment by Him. The Dump skit, full feature behind the scenes, and one easteregg, Bam and Jenn in like a photoshoot with a bunch of other women and their all making out and fondiling each other.)

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    The extras are being ripped and posted on that irc channel. Im not gonna buy the DVD because i didnt think the film was that good

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    I'm a cky fan, of course I was going to buy it. Just to show my support.


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