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Thread: Help Needed!

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    I'm in need of someone/lots of you with computer knowledge that will let me and many others enjoy kazaa much more. The problem I've come across is with a game i've just downloaded (not the first game, I've experiance many but just deleted them in the past) The game is called ISS2 Pro Evolution. Once downloaded it appers as a zip file, but once you've run this the file it become's is a nothing file. When you try to open it the only message you get is to search the web to try and find a program to run it, but every thing I've tried doesn't work..... So do you know what to do with these file, because I don't and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Cheers!

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    try winar
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    what do u mean a "nothingfile"?

    --yeh Winar is good

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    nothing file eh... .. . hmm probably winzip saying
    "cannot open file does not appear to be a valid archive"
    The file you have downloaded is probably an ISO or a BIN file, either way you will need to burn it to a cd-r or have CloneCD emulate it for you; using Virtual CloneDrive.
    Hope this helps&#33;

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    It&#39;s giving u that message because of what Path0gen said ... or the file may be corrupt and winzip doesn&#39;t recognize it. Either way try using winrar and if that doesnt work then burn it. If it still doesnt work then most likely it has 1 or more corrupted files...sounds to me that its not actually a .zip file though.

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    Game related question, moving there...................... B)

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    What is the full filename?
    I realize the extension must mbe .zip, but is there a .bin before it.


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