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Thread: Which is better?

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    Norton Anti-Virus 2008 or AVG 7.5 (Free edition)

    I don't know which one I should use, thoughts?

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    grimms's Avatar Excuse Me? BT Rep: +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16BT Rep +16
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    AVG 7.5 (Free edition) or get Mcafee suite. Don't use nortons unless you are really familiar with it and need some of it's utility programs. I find that Norton's attempts to take total control over your OS (IMO).

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    problem i have with norton is that it takes up too much resources
    right now i am using nod32 and my laptop takes about 2 mins to boot up
    with norton it takes me 5 minutes to boot up

    so id recommend avg over norton

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    Yes Norton is just a huge bloated app that takes over your whole machine and life !

    AVG is good and works well and is unobtrsive



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    both of them suck and they're both retarded applications, use nod32...
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    NOD32 or Kaspersky.

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    BEGINER's Avatar NOOB BT Rep: +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20BT Rep +20
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    I use avast,and i am very pleased how he works...My recommendation to try

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    Avg 7.5

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    limpdickkid's Avatar Free Ringdings rule BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Look here:

    I would also suggest either Kaspersky or NOD32, and neither of the ones you're asking about. But if you had to choose from the ones you ask I would say go for AVG as it uses less memory and doesnt really take over your PC as much.
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    If you're being forced to use anti-virus, I recommend NOD32

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