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Thread: Matrix Reloaded Won't Play!

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    oh,no... downloaded file: The.Matrix.Reloaded.DivX.TS-DaDuck.avi

    (694,388 MB)

    Won't play!

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    Window Media player says "encountered unkown error."

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    STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD USE a divx player at and download it! go be happy live on!

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    Already have codec. Will having the player itself make a difference? Well, it's worth a try....

    Well, that worked, sort of. Something wrong with that file. It plays zoomed in really close and takes complete control of my computer; the only way to stop playback is to using the power switch! (Update: "Alt/F4" works I've found, but not "Alt/Tab" or "Ctrl+Alt+Delete")

    I would not recommend downloading this particular file. If anyone got it to work, let me know before I delete it.

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    takes control of your PC riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

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    it worked for me.............. u got a fu**ed up computer dude!

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    Works for me fine, you might have a trojan on your comp update your virus scanner and scan see what turns up.

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    Thanks for your suggestion, but it's not a trojan or virus, and I do not have a F'd up computer. I know this because this file will not play on my brother's computer, either. And I already have several other Divx movies, Xvid too, that play no problem. I wonder if this file was somehow corrupted as it downloaded. I'm gonna delete it right now because I only have 566MB free HD space!

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    yeah probally corrupted

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