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Thread: Bittorent Jerk

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    from a screenshot theres a button on it saying "Add Peer/Seeder" Im guessing this must mean you can choose who you connect to... could someone else implement this into a bt client (without the gay no uploading thing) because it would help alot of people get the file faster which means more people seed it sooner and for the screen its at and the link to get the program doesnt work so dont worry about leechers getting it.

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    You should download the experimental version 5.2 I think it is.It looks identical to that screen shot it just doesn't have the option to be a jerk.It works very well also.
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    No the add peers/seeds button is because when your in jerk mode it only allows you to download from people with more of the file than you. However pressing this buttons allows you to download from people with less of the file than you momentaraly. Your much better with the experimental that allows you to connect to everybody at the same time.

    Now i hope this is the last we hear of bt jerk, i'm certainly not a fan of the client and i hope it gets erased off the face of the planet.

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    were do you get bittorent


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