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Thread: Overburning 99' Cd....

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    I have An LG 52x24x52x and I was wondering if I can burn 100 Mins CD....

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    I dunno which model of lg burns at 52x but theres a couple of lists available here which show quite a few of the compatible burners.

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    LG 8080B 99:05
    8083B 99:05
    8084 89:59
    8120B* 99:13
    8320 99:13
    8160 99:55
    8400b 40x12x40 99.55()
    8480B 99.55()

    I have 8520B-.-.. Is newer... what do u think..?

  5. Software & Hardware   -   #4
    Sorry, dunno. I found conflicting info, I read somewhere that all lg drives accept 99min cd media, but i also found a website saying that ur drive couldn't read past the 92 minute mark, but nothing about how much data it will burn (tho i would assume less than 92 minutes). Unless u can find a review online or someone else who has the drive the only way might be to try it.

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    guess i have to try


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