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Thread: Tmd Movies How To Play Them Help Me !

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    iv downloaded 2 tmd movies they downloaded rite quick so i was well chuffed but wen i tried woching them there was no sound or pic what happened
    do i need some special player or codec or what please help me
    or is it that they were fake?

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    woah TMD are usually in mpeg version how unususal it usually works fine on a windows media player.

    oh wait it could be a fake what did u download?

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    Perhaps ure talking about the estimated 100mb version movies ? Most of them are fakes made by some jackass. But if they're real they should play with the appropriate codecs.

    example: divx3, divx4, divx5, and xvid

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    thnx for help but i think they were fakes it was called anger management in the title but had matrix reloaded in descriptions il jus download the bigger higher quality movies from now on


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