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Thread: usenetserver speed problem!!?

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    I usually download at 950 KB/S but in past 2 days i have been down to 170 KB/S
    am i the only case? or do i have more ppl in my boat with this same problem?

    I'm sure this is not ISP problem!

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    i was getting 2.3mbs yesterday morning/afternoon then it want down to between 650 - 800 for a few hours

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    I use Newsdemon and my ISP is Sky.

    Up until about 3 weeks ago I was able to download at 900 KB/S but now it's dropped right down and seems to max out at 180 KB/S.

    I'm 99% certain it's not Newsdemon so it must be an issue with Sky. Does anyone know what the problem might be? I tried calling them but their customer service line isn't the most helpful!!

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    USN is a junk provider.
    They were one of the best, then about six months ago they started having "issues" and have been having them on and off ever since.

    If you do a search of the forum you will see they are one of the most complained about Usenet providers.

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    ISP - SKY

    Since yesterday or even maybe the day before I have been reaching maximum downstream of 200kb from newsdemon server (all three useast, uswest, europe).

    I have now been with newsdemon for maybe longer than 12 months and my latest membership runs out end of this month I am sure. Well then since I joined newsdemon my service has 70% been good 15% acceptable 15% sh*t.


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    i just joined with NewDemon, I was getting 170 kb/s...horrible. Now i'm hardley gettin 1kb/s it might be my ISP which is Telus but I can download up to 300kb/s with torrents.

    Can anyone help me set it up, maybe i've messed something up. BTW I have a 20 connections, unlimited SSL account is there something else i have to do for that account besides only download from I also live in canada, could that be a problem??

    Any and all help appreciated, sorry for my noob-ness.

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    There's some chance that it's your location, there's some chance that it's newsdemon or your ISP.

    I believe newsdemon has live support. I would use it.
    If that doesn't work, I would recommend an account at giganews for about $3 more a month. 200 days retention, zero downtime, zero speed problems.

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    looks like its sorted i was getting usuall speeds earlier

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    I'm not 1000% sure isn't part of the problem but after doing an extensive test series I can definitely see that Usenet server is most of the problem. As a consequence I discontinued sercvice -- vote with your feet.

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    i hav buy yesterday account
    20 SSL connection
    i put this and port 563

    but i can' connect!

    can anyone help me?
    Riparo e modifico XBOX360 riparoxbox360 @

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