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Thread: Help! Help! Help!

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    Please, please help an innocent, niave, inexperienced lad like myself to download a few films and somehow get them onto a VCD.

    No honestly, I need some absolute idiot proof coaching of how to get any of the millions of films I can find onto a VCD.

    This is what I know:

    1) Download a film (normally an avi) which can take anything upto 30 hours - is this normal?????

    2) Use some software to burn it onto a CD - is this right??

    See, I wasn't lying.

    Does any kind soul feel they can help me?


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    as for the time taken to download a film, it depends on what connection you have and what is the size of the film

    for example, a 700MB film on a 56k (dial-up) connection should take about 40 hours

    a 700MB film on 512k adsl should take about 5 hours
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    I&#39;ve got a 512 broadband connection but the download speeds just seem very slow.

    I can get MP3s a lot quicker (upto 50 or 60 Kbps)

    I&#39;ll keep trying&#33;


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