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Thread: Adsl I'm Going Mad

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    My adsl connection is this .
    Velocita means speed .

    My modem says

    And my connection

    My download speed is only 28...33kb/s.
    SOME HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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    Im on cable so I dont know much about dsl. But maybe you should try refreshing your connection. If your download speed is low then it may have to do with where your downling a file from.

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    Well, i beleive that connection thing in the status/modem software is just showing the maximum speed that your modem is capable of... or something like that. Anyway, what's for sure is that it's not your actual speed. Call your ISP and ask them how much bandwidth you're supposed to get. If you don't wanna do that, you can take a speed test (don't know any now 'cause my fav went down, but should have some links), and your bandwidth will probably be the speed you get (make sure to turn off all internet apps) rounded up to the closest 128 kbps.

    My own status thingie say 640k but my real speed is 256k max

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    Ok ,thanks i did the test and i got only 243kbps downstream and 174kbps upstream so i'm going to kill my ISP right now!!!!!!! I pay 40euros for a month

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    I dont know how much 40 euros is but I pay $45.00 per mo. for cable and I dl at 2,300 k and ul at 234 k. Oh how I love cable..

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    Download speeds always vary from site source to site source. And the other factors involved have as much to do with your actual speed as the site your are downloading from. Distance, lines, site traffic... the list goes on. My own DSL connection speeds are in the average range of 600-700kbps. The package I am on says that they are capable of reaching 1.5mbps tops. Downloads able to reach 128kbps. The actuality being in the 60-80kbps range. However I have encountered many sites that have only allowed download speeds no faster than 20-30kbps.

    The best thing, IMO, would be to go to a performance-oriented site and perform a "through-test" of your connection. It will test your lines and the speed in which data is able to travel to and from your system back to theirs. The thing I have found with DSL connections is that there are things that are going on in your phone lines (assuming you are using a PPPoe type of connection) that are only controllable by your service provider. Things that are fixable only on their end.

    So perform the test and contact your IP. Explain your concerns and see what sort of conclusions they can come to.

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    quit bitching Ill swap u my 56k modem then u can see what slow means


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