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Thread: Need Help With Renderman!

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    Could anyone please help me? I have downloaded almost every available copy of pixars renderman 11 and have spent many unsuccessful hours trying to get the various licences to work. I saw a note that someone else was having a problem because the licence was made for an intel processor and not AMD. I did find a little uccess with renderman 10 but it wouldnt work with maya 4.5 or 5 only with maxman. But since I changed it, to try v11 none will work now!
    I have an AMD Athalon 1800 on windows xp home.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    btw: this is the only graphics related program I have not been able to get working so far

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    sorry at this point I have to say that I've installed Renderman or used it
    I only use Bryce5 and Poser4 - It is really a nice tool with whihc you can easily
    express your thoughts and dreams look on
    for some of my images

    If you do not find an answer here in the forum , you can try it in the
    #kchat on There are some friendly guys there

    thanks anyway, david.

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    I have a working copy of Renderman Artists Tools 5.5 for Maya 5.
    It works on an AMD CPU, the license service does not need to be running. I got my copy from bittorrent, if you want, I can re-seed it for a day or two so that you can get it.

    The only problem I had with this, was when using SLIM to convert a displacement map on Artisan brush strokes to a different geometry type (moving strokes a from its internal type to a poly mesh), which caused a crash, but everything else works.

    Its a shame that Renderman has such slow GI when many rays are being calculated, otherwise it would be my favourite renderer.



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