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Thread: The Press And Masking Ip's

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    Today, the AP printed an article indicating that "the makers of file-sharing software are fortifying their programs to try to mask users' identities".

    Monday, July 28, 2003
    By Alex Veiga
    Associated Press

    In the body of the article, an RIAA spokesperson says:

    "Nothing that has been invented has prevented us from being able to identify substantial infringers and collect evidence,'' said Matt Oppenheim, senior vice president of business and legal affairs for the Recording Industry Association of America".

    But, in response to this position, another individual remarks:
    "With enough technology it may not be worth the effort for the RIAA to come after somebody,'' said Mark Rasch, a former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor. "At some point, it can become so difficult to find out who did something that it becomes practically anonymous.''

    While the above is old news to most of you, there is substance to what Mr. Rasch says. Essentially, if it becomes too much of a pain in the ass to ID someone, then it's likely that the hounds hired by RIAA will move on to another target. This leads to the undeniable fact that there should be a place on this forum where proven tips to hide oneself (as best as possible) can be found. I know that the information is available, because I've read through most of it. But, it's all over the place and the information is interspersed with a lot of opinion. Wouldn't it make sense to pin this area of interest and place responses that are factually based? Any opinion on this?

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