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Thread: Please Help My Dumbass Extract Maya5 Rars!

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    Finally grabbed Maya5 all 20 rar files totalling 289megs. When I go to the first one rar00 and tell it to extract itself to a folder on the desktop named Maya it begins then halts almost immedietly telling me that it needs to see the rar01 to continue? I then threw them all in the folder and told rar to extract the files in to that folder and again I get the same error message stating that rar needs the previous volume to begin!!!
    Can anyone clear this up for me? Please!!!
    Suggestions how to use the rar extraction process would be appreciated cause then I can say the download is fucked and its not my ineptitude with rar thats the problem.
    Cheers for any and all feedback on this.

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    You must have all the rar files in the same directory ( rar00 rar01 etc).Double clik the first one and should be done.That's all i know


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