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Thread: Easy Vcd's

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    I download avi files of around 700 meg. For myself I burn them as data and watch them on my computer. But a lot of times, to take round to peeps houses, i want them on vcd format. I'm capable of doing it with TMPEng and virtua dub, splitting and converting etc.. Just wondering if anyone uses or knows of any programs that do the lot for you. I realise it will probably take a long time, but a more automated method would be useful. One I can leave going when i'm at work etc.. Any one have any suggestions? Must split the original file too

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    There is actually a Tmpgenc-based program called "Easy VCD" that pretty much does all work in making vcds for you, (at least from dvds, though I'm pretty sure it does DIVX too,) but it has been forever since I have used it so there's probably been a million version updates and the like. Anyways, look into it here: if it sounds like something you need. I think it's still free.

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    I always thought that was just from a dvd, will try it though cheers. Just thought there might be a fancy, expensive program. One I can find on kazaa. When i search for something like that I just get small file size options. Often ends up when unzipped or whatever, the programs i already have (eg TMPEng) and a tutorial!

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    Nah, Easy VCD just tells you to use TMPEng which is part of the program. Any other suggestions? anyone?

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    get canopus procoder. its easier than tmpeg and alot faster as well.
    it also doesnt have all those annoying errors that tmpeg does.

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    theirs mainconcept encoder

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    The easiest way to do this is to get a program called Dvd2svcd. This is freeware and you can get it here: Doom9. This program has a built in option to convert avi's to vcd/svcd. When selected the program changes into Avi2svcd. Use this program with the Cinema Craft Encoder to get the best quality. For Burning the movies to cd-r you can use a tool called Daemon Tools and just any cd-copy program. That's what I use and it works perfect.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    it sounds like a good program but does it convert slow?

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    Well the conversion time depends on both your settings for the program aswell as your cpu-power. If you've got a fairly new computer it would work pretty fast. At least it's faster than TMPEGenc. I suggest you give it a try.

    Greetz, D!mensio_X

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    Hey D!~

    Do you know where I can go that helps me with the settings of the program you talk about?



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