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Thread: Can some one help me with my Volume control

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    Can some one help me with my Volume control.
    OK I have I have my stereo connected to my computer and I have two types of speakers connected to my stereo,A big one and a small one.When im listening to music I like to max them out and the small speaker is clear when max and the big speaker is a little static when played at max volume.
    Now I wonder is there a program that can bring the big speaker volume down a little.

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    Mr. Mulder's Avatar pepper your angus BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    good luck finding volume help on these internets

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    manker's Avatar effendi
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    Big speaker and a small speaker? I duno, you're getting a bit too technical for me there. I'll give it a bash anyhow.

    Can't you just put the big speaker further away from where you're sitting so you can't hear the crackle? Maybe use headphones. Maybe just unplug the defective big speaker and enjoy the little speaker's clarity unencumbered. Big speakers are priced to be disposable nowadays anyway.
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    i have mine in the fridge, and open the door relative to the volume required.

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    With the light on?

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    Put the big speaker in a bucket of water. The liquid will smooth out the crackle something amazing

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    Now I wonder is there a program that can bring the big speaker volume down a little
    did you try this hardware ?

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    I don't think there is a program to fix that, I guess that the only solution is to replace/remove one of them or just don't put the sound level to the maximum capacity. Good luck though and try yahoo answers to get help from more people, well, possibly.

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    Plug the big speaker in to the right channel, small speaker into the left channel.
    Then open up the windows sound options (bottom right, next to clock, usually, unless you hid it) and move the master balance slider.


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