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Thread: It's official! DVD plus/minus war ends in a draw

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    "The battle of the recordable DVD formats - DVD+R/RW versus DVD-R/RW - is finally and officially over more than five-odd years after it began, and several years after the fight became largely symbolic."

    Late last week, DVD6C, the consortium of DVD intellectual property holders, said that it had added DVD+R and DVD+RW to its list of licensable DVD products. The change actually took place right at the start of the year. Up until then, DVD6C had only licensed DVD-R and DVD-RW technology.

    Whether discs and players are labelled plus, minus or both, they will now all attract the same royalty rate too.

    Coming together this way, the two formats are now officially equal in the eyes of the DVD industry, and the battle between them is over.

    Source: Full Article @ Register Hardware

    I thought this battle was over long ago.
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    ya, i been using dvd-r's myself.

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    -Rs are slightly more compatible, so thats what I use.

    From what Ive read -Rs are 93% compatible with dvd players out there, and +Rs are 90%.

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    i only use DVD+R, way many less jitter problems.

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    I always knew draw would win

    Honestly, I don't really give a shit rather it's a DVD+R or -R, although I usually use the minus R DVDs

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    I've always used +R's, they work well unless of course they're a crap brand like fujifilm where half the spindle won't burn. Verbatim ftw!

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    Who gives a shit, in a few years everyones going to use blueray anyways.

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    dont dvd+r's allow you to keep adding to it, while once you close a session on a dvd-r, you cant add anything else, even if theres unused space?

    either way i've been using dvd-r's because i got my 100 pack on sale for really cheap

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    "Who gives a shit, in a few years everyones going to use blueray anyways".

    What? BlueRay plus or BlueRay minus?

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    - = Crap

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