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Thread: T Wont Run

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    Hello, I Have D/L Terminator 3. centropy SVCD rip SCB CD1. I have tried to view it on Videolan, it starts and plays first 3-4seconds. then stops (freezes). Can you assist. (Part 2 is still d/l but it works) on Videolan. Should I put it onto a disc first then can I view it or how can I sort this out.



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    Hey I re-read the forum.
    I turned of my unit , restarted it and rang the Vet.
    Now it all works.
    Hey Im waggin me tail all roun de house.
    Im so happy I could sh#t in anybodys garden. .
    I will certainly post more issues and try to assist on this forum.
    In other words

    "I'LL BE BARK"




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