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Thread: Tweak Google into blue/grey skin & youtube in to black

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    (firefox only)

    I used the simple userContent.css method.
    quite nice, takes some getting used to.

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    I used to have Google like this with GreaseMonkey extension for Firefox (on PC). But, that script for Google customizing isn't updated and I am using default look. Тhanks for posting. It is nice knowing we have alternative.
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    Mine look like this :

    (I used valacar script & tweaked it a bit)
    I always found myself too lazy to fix the little bug at the top.
    It's fun to tweak it the first time (fun and ... never-ending !) but when you have to modify the script every 2 weeks to make it rework, it become boring really fast...

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    cool mine is in grey

    thank you

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    Wow, thanks for posting this. It's refreshing to have a new look to the Google search page.


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