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Thread: If Your Use Nero Please Help Me!

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    Ok i got two questions. First whats the latest or most stable version of Nero , and whats the file size?

    Second question: I downloaded kazaalite codec pack 2.04 full version. Now i aint got a clue what to install. It has so many options. What should i install? i aint got a dvd-rom so i cant rip dvds. so i dont need the dvd encode/decode software. But what about the rest?

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    i have version i updated from the website about a month ago.
    havent had any problems.

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    the newest is nero 6, it can be sound on bit torrent and mirc

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    Nero 6 you can get from verified downloads. Not many people have it so you might wanna check out Bittorent for it.
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    before you install the kazaa codecs uninstall any others first to avoid conflicts


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