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Thread: Gift Kazaa Cracked!

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    What's that in plain english? It's 2:30 in nyc so i'm a bit tired but it sounded like that was saying they have something(i only focused on the giFT fast track) that through this giFT thingy you can send your search request to a bunch of nodes. Could you explain that shite?

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    its a p2p app. Originally it was designed to connect to the fasttrack network, but since the introduction of encryption over a year ago they abandoned that aspect. Now at the moment its just a p2p app that connects to its own tiny network. But it is designed to take plug ins that connect it to multiple other networks.

    I don't know whats cracked about it, unless he's talking about the fact that they used to connect to fasttrack. I think they published the connection details for the fasttrack network and also the assembly code for generating the encryption codes

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    This is really old news.

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    Awesome! If it connects to other networks then this is my new favorite p2p program! Awesome!

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    it doesn't connect to other networks, its designed to be able to. Shareaza connects to multiple networks and mldonkey connects to just about everything (badly)

    Edit: And yeah news doesn't get much older than this

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    It doesn't look that old as they are just now releasing updates.


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