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Thread: Can't Burn Cd's Cuz Of The Protection Thing

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    Hi this might be a little confusing because i dont no how to explain this real well but i was thinking of getting simcity 4 the newest one that came out and my brother said that it cannot be burned because of the cd protection on it. is there an encrypter or sumthing like that that will help me burn it. i know that i can download it but i have 56k right now and im to lazy to download it.
    sry if his confused anyone


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    I found this about SimCity 4's copy protection. It seems you can copy the game, but you'd have to use some tools to defeat the protection. Otherwise, you'd just make an image of the disc and use a prog to make the image a virtual drive.
    Kazaa Corruption Fixer --> Fix any corrupted CD image, archive, or video file you've downloaded with Kazaa.

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    I am at the website but i do not know how to download it if you can send me steps on what to click on to downlaod it. also do i just run the program after i burn the cd or during the process of burning it. if i try to figure out how to download it should i download safedisk or safedisk v2 i would think i would download v2 but just to make sure.


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    Get alcohol 120%

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    Download CloneCD 4. Burns anything, protected or not.

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    I just use UltraISO to create a BIN& Cue from the CD ... then i check the image for corruption with CDMage, then i burn it with the proper protection settings with Alcohol


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