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Thread: You Said Somebody Might Help Me!

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    I downloaded morrowind off kazza and because it was an exe file it wouldn't let me put the Tribunal add on to it,so then I got Morrowind on a bittorrent site after you nice people told me what to do yes its me the girl again, Well its let me install Tribunal to it but then when I try to play it its asking for the Morrowind cd what do i do I didn't have to put Morrowind onto a disc it set its self up.

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    You need a Tribunal no cd crack. Goto, there should be one there or usually there is one in the file you downloaded.

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    I dont want u to think im brain dead got one of kazza and it didn't work rite got one from megagames and it loads now but it says the sound files are missing and wont do anything can i put the sound files in from the other morrowind that worked and i completed the other morrowind so can I add my saves file to this one well if I can get it working!!!!!!!!!

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    Never get any type of cracks off of Kazza. They are usually filled with viruses. Did you read the readme that came with the crack? Sometimes you have to copy movies and sound files from the cd onto your harddrive. Either that, or you got a rip which takes all the sounds and movies out. Yes, you can use any previous save you have for Morrowind for Tribunal.

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    Thanks for replying to me,I will have a mess with it tomorrow the readme just said to install to game


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