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Thread: Does Any 1 Buy Movies Of E-bay

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    Just asking does any 1 buy there movies of E-Bay... of course i still DL'movies of Kazaa but u can get sum real finds on E-Bay...

    I just bought Driller Killer 13 bucks cheaper than in stores

    and a horror movie called Snuff which has bin banned for years & years...

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    no i get them from the stores.... i dont just download everythign

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    yeah i bought alot of stuff from ebay b4, never been ripped off either u get some cool buys from ebay but i try 2 download as much as i can

    fuck Derby County

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    most stuff on ebay is great, ive never gotten ripped off, though ive never bought a movie.
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    I bought a OOP copy of the collectors edition of scarface on ebay, and i bought the lotr extended edition on there too, =] good deals abroad on ebay.

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    Originally posted by jrzofclay@11 August 2003 - 23:57
    ebay confuses me like crazy

    i searched around and found tons of cars, even mercedes, for &#036;1 etc

    are these even legit?
    nah i doubt it, there all second hand loads of crap most the time,

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    yeah, but for a dollar?



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