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Thread: Aarrggghhh! Damn That Flash!

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    Ok, I've spent all last night and all this morning trying to learn the very basics of flash but after going through all the tutorials and lessons all I can do it make a box move across the screen!

    I want to have a movie which shows a word typed out which should be simple!.
    Could anyone gimme a mini step by step or gimme a link to one plz.

    I even turned my music off! ...... I'm getting real desperate, lol.

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    Wot u need is the Flash Bible.. It's an E- Book

    It is very popular on Kazaa jsut type in Flash Bible in the Kazaa search box...

    This gives u a step by step guide.. starting of with the very basics of Flash IE making a ball bounce..... Then it graduly guides u into the more complex things...

    If u can't find it on Kazaa i will post a hash ( if i can find on my back up CD's )

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    I use Swish


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