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Thread: Bad News For Swedish File Sharers....

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    and u thought we gah it bad, heres an article fpr ur perusal.....
    The implementation of EUCD will have staggering consequences to Swedish computer users. Not only will it limit the consumers' rights to make copies of CDs and DVDs for personal use, but it will also criminalize peer-to-peer file sharing.                  The Swedish government is proposing a law which would require the permission from the copyright owner before any music, video, photo or text material can be spread on the net. P2P software, such as Kazaa will be outright outlawed, as will software intended for bypassing copy protection on movies and audio CDs.                Also the right to make personal copies will be further limited, but it will still be legal to make copies for personal use.              According to the minister of justice Thomas Bodström the new legislation doesn't radically change the current attitude towards copyrights.  "The new law has not been tailored to satisfy the needs of large record companies. Essentially it retains the earlier views on copyrights. As technology develops, the legislation must also be kept up to date," Bodström commented.                      Distributing or downloading illegal copies on P2P networks can lead to a sentence of up to two years in prison. Usually only those sharing illegal files have been made liable in court. The Swedish law will also prohibit downloading.

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    But isn&#39;t this illegal everywhere, but we still do it.
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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    NO, not unless its copyright protected&#33; this move will actually ban people from downloading completely

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    Who cares? We will see all kind of crazy laws and attempts to stop filesharing in the future, sooner or later they will have to realize that they can&#39;t stop it. It is growing bigger and stronger everyday, more and more people get high speed internet connections everyday. Everyday someone downloads their first mp3 and learn about the wonders with p2p. This law won&#39;t stop me, I will keep sharing and downloading aslong as I live and I hope everyone else will too.

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    Where did You found that article?


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    aha i cannot reveal my sources.............i do not have a find more sources option

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    basics Posted on 2 August 2003 - 12:20
    aha i cannot reveal my sources.............i do not have a find more sources option
    basics that was not funny. That has nothing to do with people who live in the U.S and I don&#39;t really care

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    basics that was not funny. That has nothing to do with people who live in the U.S and I don&#39;t really care
    gre1 did u actually read the title of the thread???

    hmm thought not, go take ur bat n ball somewhere else to play and stop placing pointless replies..........otherwise known as spam

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    Damn, that sucks. US courts decided (and I agree) that Kazaa is legal since you can use it legally.

    Would this mean if (if I was Swedish) I had a school project on my computer and sent it to a classmate I&#39;d be a criminal? Not that Kazaa is used for that, but it is a p2p application.

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    not sure how there gonna police it because u can actually send files in windows xp&#33;&#33;

    they apparently gonna outlaw actually owning a p2p program tho, so if u had kazaa et al u would be commiting an offence, punishable by up to a 2 year prison term.

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