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Thread: Karaoke!

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    May 2003

    NOBODY...öhhh maybe EXEPT somebody from the EAST could have invented a Karaoke-machine....

    (THIS is not confirmed, BUT I have heard RUMOURS that there actually exist Karaoke-TAXIS..... where you can just SING your way home ...)

    Boy! In a way Japanese are like Germans... everything they do... they do it THOROUGHLY!

    Well... I was wandering just a allways.... BUT did YOU ever spend five minutes next to a Karaoke-Machine???


    ALL the people that THINK they can SING!!!

    (I know I'm NOT getting any new friends by saying all this....BUT.... come ON&#33

    I hope that KARAOKE is NOT pestering YOU and Your neighbourhood BARS as much as it is pestering ME....BUT IF You have any "musical ear" at all You will keep Your hatchet clean and sharp, and ready for action, for such occasions....

    The KARAOKE: (AS it stands today...)

    WHY in heavens names people, who:

    1. Haven't got the slightest CLUE of the SONG they're trying to sing...
    2. Don't have the slightest clue about WORDS they're trying to sing....
    3. Are too pissed off so they can't even READ the words off the monitor, of the
    song they never even heard of and confuse it with something else they're desperately hard trying to sing....

    Creepy stuff....... HHHHEEEEEEEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!

    Oh, well.... ENOUGH of this s*** allready, so.... C-Ya!!!


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    Mar 2003
    Some ~karaoke babes though Mmmmm

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    May 2003
    Now... BABES...

    THAT is a totally DIFFERENT STORY!!!

    Unless... they cannot SING a F****** NOTE!

    I ain't wastin' my time with no tone-deaf bitches!!!

    Life's HARD enough...


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    May 2003
    AS far as "KARAOKE-BABES" go.... did You notice that the best looking are allso the WORST singers....
    I guess that is one of the "laws of nature"....compensation...and s*** like that???

    You know...."Big Tits, Poor Voice" etc!!!!

    Well, that does not apply allways, look at Dolly Parton. Great tits, Great voice....even though she's beginning to get a bit OLD.... I guess she's had her BODY lifted a couple of times...

    Butt.... IF you're REALLY into S/M ... listen to John Travolta SINGING!!!



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    god damn, you got something built up bout this karokee business, what happened? got laughed off once or something?

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    Jul 2003
    The chinese take aways(You know! Thlee flom Fow )started it all.
    Used to be signs in window Curry OK.
    Age is getting to me. I thought patio doors was an Irish country singer.

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    Yorkshire, England
    Political correctness is based on the principle that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.


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