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Thread: Isdn Modem Please Help!

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    Hi, I was just wondering what exactly is ISDN modem? (If it is a modem) I have 56k modem and is ISDN faster then 56k? and if so how much do they cost and can I use them like how I use the 56k? (plug the modem and use phone line to connect to internet).

    Thanks! B)

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    ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is a service that was developed by AT&T back in the '80s I beieve, it is an improvement over 56K.

    There are two types: BRI and PRI. BRI is the most common one, it gives a maximum of 128K before compression and then afterwards gives 256-512K. The other one, PRI gives about 1.5Mbps. And in order to benefit from ISDN, you have to subscribe to an ISDN ISP.

    ISDN isn't worth it anyway, you have to pay more than the equivelent DSL or cable service. And unless you pay more for a 24/7 line, you have to connect like a normal 56K service.

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    oh...damn i thought i can just use my phoen line and not have to pay montly bills oh well


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