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Thread: Sound Out Of Step With Video

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    I use TMPGEnc for converting movies to mpeg and I always end up after conversion with the sound out of sync with the video. Couls someone please give me any pointers as to what I am doing wrong ?



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    get vitualdub and fix it up with that exract the wav from the avi

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    I also had a problem like that, do you have the latest Codec pack?? I would also try watching it in BSPlayer.

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    It seems to get worse as the film goes on. I don't use BPlayer, I write them to VCD then play through my DVD. The codec pack I have is the one from this site so I presume it's up to date.



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    If I was you I would just burn them in data format and watch them on your computer.
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    Originally posted by Triadcool@4 August 2003 - 18:22
    If I was you I would just burn them in data format and watch them on your computer.
    what are you talking about?
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    ive got old school in divx and the audio is out of sync, so how do i do this with virtual dub?

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    Well, I&#39;ve just downloaded Final Destination 2 in DivX and first I made a wav file with Audio Dub after it gave me the message...improper VBR audio encoding, will rewrite with standard VBR which could introduce up to 4281ms of skew from the video. Decompress entire audio (which I did) and recompress with a constant bit rate of 129.1 + or - 10.8 kbps.

    I thought I was getting somewhere. This explains the skew. So using TMPGEnc I chose my video source, then my wav audio source and tryed to set the audio settings to those above but all the settings are grayed out &#33;&#33;

    When I start to decode, I can immediately see after a small sample test that the sync is once again out between video and audio. If I play back in BSplayer I think I can still see an error in the sync. I have also just updated all my codecs to the latest.

    Any further thoughts. Does no one else get this happening ?


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    Originally posted by Triadcool@5 August 2003 - 00:22
    If I was you I would just burn them in data format and watch them on your computer.
    i dont fully 1st buy a card with tv out and then also buy a surround sound card and then watch it from the pc to tv/dvd player(leaving the file as avi)..making better use of the dloaded file, especially ones that are surround sound...most(not all)vcd/svcd compatable dvd players dont support surround from vcd/svcd discs....


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