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Thread: Proxy Servers!

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    Proxy Servers

    A proxy server is a kind of buffer between your computer and the Internet resources you are accessing. They accumulate and save files that are most often requested by thousands of Internet users in a special database, called “cache”. Therefore, proxy servers are able to increase the speed of your connection to the Internet. The cache of a proxy server may already contain information you need by the time of your request, making it possible for the proxy to deliver it immediately. The overall increase in performance may be very high. Also, proxy servers can help in cases when some owners of the Internet resources impose some restrictions on users from certain countries or geographical regions. In addition to that, among proxy servers there are so called anonymous proxy servers that hide your IP address thereby saving you from vulnerabilities concerned with it.

    Anonymous Proxy Servers

    Anonymous proxy servers hide your IP address and thereby prevent your from unauthorized access to your computer through the Internet. They do not provide anyone with your IP address and effectively hide any information about you and your reading interests. Besides that, they don’t even let anyone know that you are surfing through a proxy server. Anonymous proxy servers can be used for all kinds of Web-services, such as Web-Mail (MSN Hot Mail, Yahoo mail), web-chat rooms, FTP archives, etc. - a place where the huge list of public proxies is compiled. In a database you always can find the most modern lists, the Proxy are checked every minute, and the list is updated daily from various sources. The system uses the latest algorithm for set and sortings of servers by proxy, servers for anonymous access are checked. Results of Search always can be kept in file Excel.

    Why Should You Use Anonymous Proxy Servers?

    Any web resource you access can gather personal information about you through your unique IP address – your ID in the Internet. They can monitor your reading interests, spy upon you and, according to some policies of the Internet resources, deny accessing any information you might need. You might become a target for many marketers and advertising agencies who, having information about your interests and knowing your IP address as well as your e-mail, will be able to send you regularly their spam and junk e-mails.

    A web site can automatically exploit security holes in your system using not-very-complex, ready-made, free hacking programs. Some of such programs may just hang your machine, making you reboot it, but other, more powerful ones, can get access to the content of your hard drive or RAM. Everything a web site may need for that is only your IP address and some information about your operating system.

    The Solution

    Using an anonymous proxy server you don’t give anybody chance to find out your IP address to use it in their own interests. We can offer you two ways to solve your IP problem:

    1. Anonymizer - a pay proxy server with plenty of features. Effective for personal use, when your Internet activities are not involved in very active surfing, web site development, mass form submitting, etc. In short, Anonymizer is the best solution for most of Internet users. Ultimate protection of privacy - nobody can find out where you are engaged in surfing. Blocks all methods of tracking. URL Encryption protects you from your own ISP. Web Based - does not require any program installation or a configuration on your computer.

    2. Our own small proxy list is also a good place to start with if you are a novice. list

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    post your sources plagurisim is very naughty.

    how about adding a guide to setting up proxies on your pc. that would go well with this tip.

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    Originally posted by 4play@4 August 2003 - 00:00
    post your sources plagurisim is very naughty.

    how about adding a guide to setting up proxies on your pc. that would go well with this tip.
    plagurism? Is this some sort of plague, that effects people who rip off other sources without properly crediting them?
    But on a serious note, that's an excellent summarization of the basic usage of proxy servers. Of course, more advanced topics, like why closed office LANs and VPNs use proxy servers, could be addressed, but I leave that to more capable hands.

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    man this is a touchy subject!!!! does anybody out there use anonymous proxy servers. ya know though.....if i had a private proxy server that was working, i might be reluctant to give it up as well. cuz it was only once kazaa exceeded 3 million users a day that the RIAA started doing the dick dance


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